Custom Modular Homes

If you’re like many folks in CT or MA, you’ve probably dreamed of designing and building a home from the ground up. A custom design enables you to include all the features and amenities you and your family desire. It’s like painting on a blank canvas — you have the freedom to express yourself by integrating your unique ideas into the design and making it your own. 

If you’re thinking of designing and building your dream home, custom-made modular homes deserve careful consideration. Also known as prefabricated homes, these structures consist of modules constructed in a controlled factory environment, then trucked to the site for final assembly. 

The many benefits of custom-built modular homes include:

  • Speed. The unique construction process saves substantial time — your new home could be fully built and assembled in as little as three months.
  • Efficiency. Building homes in a factory ensures compliance with the highest standards for quality and eliminates weather-related delays.
  • Flexibility. You’ll be amazed at all the fantastic design options available with a custom modular home.
  • Affordability. You can design and build a modular home that fits your budget.

Ways to Customize Your Home

At Design. Build. Modular., we believe in giving our clients plenty of choices when designing a modular home. For instance, you can select from multiple color schemes to achieve your ideal exterior look — whether you prefer soft and subtle, bright and bold, or anything between. Multiple roofing, siding, porch and window options are also available. Select from a wide range of popular architectural styles such as Colonial, Cape Cod and Ranch

Your customization options also encompass the inside of your home. You’re free to choose one of our exciting floor plans, or we’ll work with you to make any modifications you desire. These days, the kitchen serves as the central point in many homes. Whether you want a kitchen with a large island, extra cabinet space or a farmhouse-style sink, our design team can make it happen. You’ll also have plenty of choices when creating a custom living room, family room and bathrooms.