Multi-Family Homes

Our Modular Homes

We’ve constructed modular buildings of various sizes with all kinds of customizations. When you’re starting from scratch, your opportunities are nearly endless. You get to choose flooring materials, how the walls are constructed, how many windows and doors each property has, and even if you want to include special additions like fireplaces or a jacuzzi tub. Some of our most popular multi-family modular home plans are for:

  • Duplexes: These buildings comprise two separate living units. If you have a parent, grandparent or aging relative you want to keep a close eye on, this is the perfect solution.
  • Triplexes: Whether you want to keep family or friends nearby, a triplex modular home can be a fun way of building a house for you and your extended or chosen family.
  • Fourplexes: If you’re looking to dip your feet into the world of real estate, managing a smaller building with limited living units is a great place to start. By renting out a fourplex, you’ll learn how to manage property.
  • Apartment complexes: Building an apartment complex can be an extremely lucrative investment. By managing brand new modular homes, you’ll have minimal maintenance to do while making the most profit.

Once you’ve thought of some basic ideas and choose to work with Design. Home. Modular., we’ll meet with you to discuss your timeline, budget, size and other mechanics we need to know. This information will inform how we approach the project and design the official layout. You can have as much say in the design as you’d like. Our manufacturers will take care of the heavy lifting, and soon you’ll have a modular home ready to be planted on your property.

For a visual idea of the homes we create, take a look below at some of our favorite layouts. You can use these examples to base your design on, or you can come up with something completely unique — we’re up to any challenge. Whether your proposed building needs four apartments or 34, we’re ready to tackle your dream property, and we have the experience to back up our expertise.

Clients We Work With

We work with a number of different clients looking to build a modular multi-family home. Our clients all have unique goals and come to us with different buyer personas. Here are the main types of people we work with on our duplex modular home projects:

  • Individuals: Some individual homeowners are looking for a multi-family home. A person may have an aging parent or other relatives they want to live close by while still maintaining a degree of independence. A multi-family home is a great solution.
  • Investors: Other people are looking for ways to diversify their finances. Investing in real estate is a great option. Real estate properties can provide reliable income and prove to be very profitable in the long run.
  • Developers: If you represent a larger organization and are looking for a business to fulfill your contract, Design. Build. Modular. is available, too.

We will work closely with your or your associates to tackle any project, whether it’s big or small.

Why Work With Us?

The quality of our finished work says a lot about us, but here are a few added benefits to working with Design. Build. Modular.:

  • Value: Purchasing a home is a big investment. We will work with you individually to determine your budget and how to help you get the most value out of your investment.
  • Design Options: While we have standard options, there are many ways for you to customize your multi-family modular home. Our designs aren’t your typical cookie-cutter home.
  • Efficiency: By building off-site, we offer a much quicker turnaround than other building methods. We also create energy-efficient homes that help you live green for many years to come.
  • Quality: We test our two family modular homes during every step of the building process. In many cases, our duplex modular homes are even stronger than homes built using other construction methods.
  • Warranty: We believe in the quality of our multi-family modular homes and back that belief with a 10-year structural warranty. If you have any issues, we want to make it right.
  • Turnkey Solution: With our streamlined process, you only sign one contract — with us. We work with the designers and builders throughout the entire construction process to get you moved in faster.


Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield helped us build our dream home in less than one year, which included demolishing the old house and preparing the property for the new structure. They worked very closely with us and walked us through every step, from initial layout to selecting the last detail. We are very happy with the final product!

Amr Aly

From start to finish, they made the process so easy. My house is beautiful, a dream come true!

Michelle L

Wanted to let you know that it was a unique pleasure to work with Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County. In particular, your quick response and attention to detail was particularly appreciated. The five Town Homes that you provided look beautiful. Once again, thanks for all your help.

Peter M. Buccieri

I would like to write a long-overdue commendation to be put in the file of David Dillman of the Bethel office. We contacted WMHFC after the macroburst last May, and Dave was very enthusiastic about the project and his enthusiasm helped carry us through some dark periods. He was patient and thorough with our questions and always responded quickly. He helped design our new home and gave us freedom to change the existing plans as we saw fit. He and Joe Enright and Kevin McSherry made sure everything went according to their time frame as much as it was in their power. We are very satisfied with the work of WMHFC four months into our new home. I’d like to thank and commend David, Joe, and Kevin for their attention to detail and efforts to get us back and running.

Mike Ecsedy

   We recently had a new home built by Westchester Modular Homes and highly recommend this company. Our process started with the design phase. Our home consultant, Dave Dillman, guided us through every step of what was an overwhelming process.   
   When construction began, our project manager Don O’Brien went out of his way to assist us through this phase. His professionalism and patience helped lessen our stress of having a house built for the first time. His choice of contractors ensured that we received a high level of quality work. It was so exciting to watch our house come to life day by day.
   We love our new home and were very happy from start to completion. This has been an enjoyable experience with special thanks to the Westchester Modular Fairfield County team.

Toni DiNonno