Small Homes

Small Modular Homes

The small modular home has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. People who buy them value their compactness and practicality. They provide just enough room to feel comfortable but none of the excess space that can increase the time needed for upkeep. Our small modular homes make an excellent long-term investment. 

What Are Small Homes? 

Tiny homes are factory-constructed homes with a small floor plan that takes advantage of every bit of space. They are stylish and demonstrate the utmost efficiency, ideal for those who want to shift to a minimalist lifestyle. 

Key Features of Small Homes

While small homes take up little space, they offer big options for customization. You can pick from a range of choices to make the house to your liking, including: 

  • Optional fireplaces
  • Optional unfinished storage or bedrooms
  • Optional dormers

Our fast process means that after you collaborate with us on the design and secure the proper permits, we can build your home in our factory in as little as seven days. You can execute your vision and enjoy the outstanding value that comes with being in control of all the decisions, giving you a home you will love. We have many floor plan options to consider.

Benefits of a Small Modular Home

Small modular homes have many benefits, especially for those looking to downsize and embrace a simpler way of living. With this type of home, you enjoy lower costs and greater flexibility. Just a few advantages of buying a small modular home include: 

  • Cost: Tiny homes cost less than regular-sized ones. You can put them on a smaller plot of land, if desired, and save further costs that way. Or you may want to use your savings to buy a bigger plot of land and enjoy the outdoors. 
  • Cleaning: Tiny homes have just a few rooms and minimal space, so you can spend far less time tidying up each day. 
  • Less upkeep: With less furniture, less space and fewer appliances, your home will require less upkeep than a traditional one. 

Small Houses Are Ideal for Different Life Stages

Small homes make an excellent choice for people of many ages. A young couple just starting out will enjoy the opportunity to have a space of their own while staying well under budget. A couple at retirement age may want to minimize their possessions yet still enjoy independent living. 

No matter what life stage you are in, a small modular house can provide the safe, cozy home you want. Contact us to learn more about our small modular home options.


   We recently had a new home built by Westchester Modular Homes and highly recommend this company. Our process started with the design phase. Our home consultant, Dave Dillman, guided us through every step of what was an overwhelming process.   
   When construction began, our project manager Don O’Brien went out of his way to assist us through this phase. His professionalism and patience helped lessen our stress of having a house built for the first time. His choice of contractors ensured that we received a high level of quality work. It was so exciting to watch our house come to life day by day.
   We love our new home and were very happy from start to completion. This has been an enjoyable experience with special thanks to the Westchester Modular Fairfield County team.

Toni DiNonno

Wanted to let you know that it was a unique pleasure to work with Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield County. In particular, your quick response and attention to detail was particularly appreciated. The five Town Homes that you provided look beautiful. Once again, thanks for all your help.

Peter M. Buccieri

Westchester Modular Homes of Fairfield helped us build our dream home in less than one year, which included demolishing the old house and preparing the property for the new structure. They worked very closely with us and walked us through every step, from initial layout to selecting the last detail. We are very happy with the final product!

Amr Aly

From start to finish, they made the process so easy. My house is beautiful, a dream come true!

Michelle L

Transparent process throughout, honest and straightforward.

Chris S