Modular Home Garage Additions

Are you tired of going out to a cold car on those frigid New England winter mornings? Did that last hailstorm leave your vehicle a pockmarked mess that cost a ton of money to repair? Do you want a safe place to store your vehicles and other household items you don’t want to keep inside? 

A home with a garage offers the perfect solution to these issues. If you’re thinking of building your dream house in MA or CT, consider a custom-built modular home with a garage from Design. Build. Modular. With more than a century of combined design and build experience, we can create a beautiful new home with a customized garage that fits your family’s needs. 

Modular homes feature a unique construction approach that entails building the individual components in a climate-controlled factory and delivering them to the site for assembly. This process saves time, increases efficiency and offers a host of flexible design options. Modular homes are also affordable and can fit just about any budget. 

Garage Options for Modular Homes 

You’ll find several options when considering a garage for your new modular home:

  • Attached: This type of garage is adjacent to the home and shares at least one common wall with the structure. A modular home with an attached garage often includes an interior entry door that allows you to commute to and from the garage without going outside. 
  • Integrated: Unlike an attached garage, an integrated garage is an element of the building’s structure, as it shares four walls and the foundation. While these garages consume less space on the lot than their attached counterparts, they cut into the available living area. If you choose an integrated garage, expect to sacrifice a room or two in your home’s layout.
  • Detached: These stand-alone structures give you a little more flexibility, as you can add them after building the home if you prefer. The biggest drawback is that they require you to go outside to reach them.
  • No garage: You can lower your cost by building a home without a garage, although this will reduce the resale value if you put the house on the market at some point. A carport may provide a less expensive alternative.