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Difference Between Modular and Manufactured Homes

What Is a Modular Home? | What Is a Manufactured Home? | Modular Home vs. Manufactured Home Along with the rising cost of housing, modular and manufactured homes have become more popular. Both modular and manufactured homes are cost alternatives to site-built homes. They offer the same quality year-round comfort and protection a site-built home […]

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Financing a Modular Home

To build and live in your perfect modular home, you first need to finance it. The process of buying a modular home is often unclear, with traditional “stick building” or resale as the more familiar choices. Many believe that modular home financing is more complicated than financing for site-built or existing homes — which is not […]

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Modular vs. Stick Built Homes: A Comprehensive Comparison

For many people, having their ideal home built is a lifelong dream. You find a piece of land you love, and it’s time to find builders to make your dream a reality. As you get into planning and construction, your excitement may fade as you discover that it ends up costing more and taking longer […]

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