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Are Modular Homes a Good Investment?

Owning a home gives you the opportunity to customize your build, select an ideal location and even rent out your property. How you go about constructing your home is a huge decision, as building methods influence timelines, foundations, materials and more. The concept of owning a modular home is becoming widely popular for families today. […]

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular Home?

The concept of building a home from the ground up can be a scary one even if you know what you want. Ideally, you’ll live in your home for decades at a time and be satisfied with its look and overall feel. Timelines for traditional homes involve a number of variables, but what if the […]

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Can You Customize A Modular Home?

One of the biggest misconceptions about modular home building is that it doesn’t allow for customization. The truth is, modular doesn’t mean picking a fully designed home out of a catalog. Modular building is a traditional home built in an indoor controlled environment. When you work with Design. Build. Modular., you have the freedom to create […]

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