How Long to Build a Modular Home?

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The concept of building a home from the ground up can be a scary one even if you know what you want. Ideally, you’ll live in your home for decades at a time and be satisfied with its look and overall feel. Timelines for traditional homes involve a number of variables, but what if the home building process didn’t have to be so complicated?

Did you ever consider building a modular home?



What Is a Modular Home?

A modular home features structural pieces that are built within a factory. Instead of using site-building, these homes involve a structural foundation that’s delivered to the site and molds together. They can provide you with the opportunity to work with a preset home plan or design of your own. This process virtually erases the need for an architect to draw you up a home plan with longer build times and decisions along the way.


Modular Home Build Timeline

How long does it take to build a modular home? Surprisingly, the process to fabricate and construct your modular home will take only 16 to 31 weeks. This timeline is dependent on the following factors:

  • Standard home plan vs. designed custom home
  • Timeline to obtain proper building permits
  • Preparation of the build site
  • Size of the home
  • Time it takes to create foundation/modules

Modular homes become move-in ready faster when you stick to standard plans, but that shouldn’t discourage you from custom options. Site-building homes will still take longer — about 28 to 37 weeks. The following information includes a closer look at the modular home timeline:

  • Purchasing land and receiving permits: 6-9 Weeks
  • Designing the modular home: 0-12 Weeks
  • Preparation of land/site: 1 Week
  • Building foundation: 4 Weeks
  • Building modules: 1 Week
  • Installing/setting modules: 4 Weeks

The best way to keep your module home on schedule is to work with the experienced team at Design. Build. Modular.

The Design. Build. Modular. Process

If you’re looking to invest in a modular home, Design. Build. Modular. will be with you through every step of the process. We’ll begin by setting up an initial consultation to learn the budget of your home vision. Our builders and designers will work with you to ensure your expectations appear through our home exterior features.

If necessary, Design. Build. Modular. will connect you to a home lending specialist for financing. These professionals will transition your construction loan into a mortgage when your home is complete. Our team will then match you to available building sites in Massachusetts and Connecticut if you don’t already have a plot.

Design. Build. Modular. gladly presents our home plans, including Cape Cod, Ranch, Split Level homes and more. We want you to love the design of your new modular home, so our designers will consider your home’s location, building materials and outer finishes to match your dream.

Our builders follow a 10-step building process for the construction of each modular home:

  1. Choose the site and survey location
  2. Research zone requirements
  3. Check for further regulations (coastal/wetlands)
  4. Design home/obtain permits
  5. Landscape the site
  6. Install a foundation
  7. Deliver the modular home
  8. Add outdoor features (decks/porches)
  9. Install home appliances (bath/kitchen)
  10. Receive certificate of occupancy

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