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Design Your Own Modular Home

For many Americans, building the perfect home is part of the American dream. After finding a fantastic plot of land, many new homeowners look forward to creating their house from the ground up. But as they get further into the planning and construction process, they realize their homes will cost them much more and take […]

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Modular vs. Stick Built Homes: A Comprehensive Comparison

For many people, having their ideal home built is a lifelong dream. You find a piece of land you love, and it’s time to find builders to make your dream a reality. As you get into planning and construction, your excitement may fade as you discover that it ends up costing more and taking longer […]

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Can You Customize A Modular Home?

One of the biggest misconceptions about modular home building is that it doesn’t allow for customization. The truth is, modular doesn’t mean picking a fully designed home out of a catalog. Modular building is a traditional home built in an indoor controlled environment. When you work with Design. Build. Modular., you have the freedom to create […]

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