Is a Modular Home Safe in Bad Weather?

Is a Modular Home Safe in Bad Weather?

Building a new family home requires careful planning. With a large number of options for your project, it helps to know what types of homes thrive in your local environment. If your area sees frequent storms and wind, choosing a modular home may be the right decision for you.

A modular home is safe in bad weather due to various factors. Learn why modular homes can survive extreme conditions throughout the year with Design. Build. Modular.

Modular Homes Are Permanent Structures

There is a common misconception about modular homes. While some might think these are mobile homes, modular homes are lasting structures with permanent foundations.

Modular homes will be safe in minor storms because they are secured to the ground. Unless there is severe flooding — which puts any home at risk — modular homes can handle regular rainfall and winds without an issue. This is not the case for mobile homes with temporary foundations and skirting.

There Are Strict Building Codes for Modular Homes

Modular homes and site-built homes have a few things in common. Notably, they follow identical standards for building codes. Builders create modular homes to withstand an earthquake and resist the effects of hurricanes.

These structures are made inside factories, so the materials that go into your home reside in a controlled environment with little moisture. Modular homes are built to be safe in case of a tornado or storm, and inspectors check surfaces for structural soundness before shipping.

Some Modular Homes Have Reinforced Frames

Modular home builders engineer structures to survive shipping demands. Most modular homes are equipped with stronger supports that they can transport using flatbeds.

To load and unload a modular home from a flatbed, the designer must account for vibrations. This might include adding triple-pane windows or reinforced drywall sections. Most modular homes are also constructed with adhesives and rugged hardware for maximum security.

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