Can You Customize A Modular Home?

Can You Customize a Modular Home?

One of the biggest misconceptions about modular home building is that it doesn’t allow for customization. The truth is, modular doesn’t mean picking a fully designed home out of a catalog. Modular building is a traditional home built in an indoor controlled environment.

When you work with Design. Build. Modular., you have the freedom to create the home of your dreams — often for less than a traditional new home build. Though we offer several standard designs, you always have the option of adding unique features or making changes that better reflect your needs and your taste. We can customize one of our standard designs for you, or build something completely different from the ground up.

Read on to learn about your options, or contact our office to meet with one of our pros at your convenience.

Modular Home Customizations

Selecting the perfect custom modular home plan may be daunting for first-time or seasoned home buyers alike. Design. Build. Modular. is here to ease the process. We understand your dream home requires a personalized touch. So, we offer various customized modular home plans for your needs.

Our custom modular home plans are the perfect foundation for any of the following ideal homes:

We are eager to transform our plans into any of these dream homes:

Let’s unpack your options and show you the benefits of owning customizable modular homes. 

Custom Modular Homes That Suit You

Our plans are versatile canvases, ready to adapt to your vision. You can customize your modular home in many ways:

Rearrange Rooms 

Add new rooms or build onto existing layouts, or create something new based on your requirements.

Crane adding second story to house.

Swap Materials

Make a modular home custom by requesting the materials you want. Switch out laminate flooring for solid wood, or enhance countertops with marble or stainless steel.

Be Energy-Efficient 

Install high-efficiency heating, air conditioning and insulation to help lower utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Upgrade Spaces

Design your space the way you want it — add large islands, premium hardware and more that make your custom house a home!

Jacuzzi tub.

Why Choose Us?

At Design. Build. Modular., customer satisfaction drives project success. Our talented designers will collaborate closely with you, ensuring your personal style shines through in every corner of your new home.

We offer a turnkey service that ensures all technical and legal issues are addressed early on, leading to more accurate estimating within tight timelines. Our construction techniques match your specifications with top-tier quality. We build your home with precision and care. Our experts work to translate your concepts into reality and achieve your dream home.

Learn About Our Design Process

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Ready to craft your custom modular home? View our creations in our Project Gallery, showcasing the ideal living spaces owned by happy customers. To bring your vision to life today, contact Design. Build. Modular. today. Your dream home is a call or an email away.