Sustainable Modular Housing

Self-sustaining modular homes are popular among homeowners working to reduce their environmental impact. When considering greener building options, you may want to look at energy-efficient modular homes — these designs can help you reduce your carbon footprint compared to stick-built homes while still allowing you to enjoy the amenities, space and customization you crave.

Benefits of Sustainable Modular Housing

If you want comfort and sustainability, a modern, eco-friendly modular home can offer numerous benefits:

  • The modular construction process requires little to no rework: Site-built homes are constructed outdoors, so weather can damage the materials during construction. Modular homes are built indoors and then shipped to your building site for installation, reducing the risk of weather damage or delays.
  • Green modular homes are energy-efficient: Modular houses are tightly built and their components are designed to work seamlessly together, which makes heating and cooling more efficient. You can also choose small eco-friendly modular homes, where the lower square footage means less energy is required for heating and cooling.
  • The construction process produces little waste: The green modular home construction method is engineered to reduce waste. Precision in measurements and in forming and cutting building components ensures fewer building materials end up in landfills.
  • Upkeep is minimal: Modular homes are eco-friendly because they often require minimal maintenance. They are engineered to last without you needing to use more energy and products to address issues.
  • Modular homes offer freedom of location: Having a modular home built allows you to choose the most sustainable location for you. Elect to live somewhere you can take public transit to work or in a sunny spot where a solar modular home can produce its own energy. 
  • Modular homes can use minimal water: Modular designs often place kitchens and bathrooms near each other so water pipes can be shorter, which saves you money on water heating costs and can reduce the amount of water used.

How to Make a Modular Home Energy-Efficient

Eco-friendly modular homes are already more energy-efficient when compared with site-built construction, but you can take additional steps to increase this trait:

  • Work with a company offering energy-efficient designs: At Design. Build. Modular., all of our home plans are energy-efficient, and we have over a century of combined experience to help make your eco modular house sustainable.
  • Customize your home: Choosing smart home features helps you control your energy usage by letting you adjust some home features remotely or through programming. Talk to Design. Build. Modular. about ways to use technology to make your home more energy-efficient.
  • Balance space and amenities: Consider small homes if you prefer a minimalist lifestyle. Small homes don’t require much energy to heat and cool and you can always build additions to expand the house if your needs change later.
  • Use customization to make your home energy-efficient: A big benefit of modular homes is that you can customize them to be more sustainable. For example, you can talk with your Design. Build. Modular. expert about the best insulation to reduce energy bills. You can also consider self-sufficient modular homes with solar panels and low-energy light bulbs.

The team at Design. Build. Modular. is here to help you design and create your dream modular home. Our turnkey solutions make homebuying easy because we handle all the details. The Design. Build. Modular. experience is designed to create a home you’ll be thrilled with, so contact our team for a consultation today.