Advantages of Modular Homes

Modular homes are often misunderstood but have several advantages. They’re quick and efficient and also offer flexible design options so you can build a home you love. At Design. Build. Modular., we know the many benefits of designing a modular home for yourself and the ones you love. We’ll help you experience all the benefits of modular homes while clearing up any myths. 

Common Misconceptions of Modular Homes

Many myths about modular homes come from people who have never been in one. Three of the biggest misconceptions are:

1. They’re Cheaply Constructed

Many mistakenly believe modular homes are unreliable. However, we build modular homes with the same materials as any other home. The only difference is that we construct modular homes in factories, leading to a more controlled process. 

2. They’re All the Same

Some neighborhoods have identical or similar modular homes. This was probably the work of a property owner who leases modular homes. You don’t have to have a replica of your neighbor’s house, though. We offer an array of housing styles. Whatever your tastes are, you can build and customize your modular home the way you want.

3. They Don’t Stand the Test of Time

Modular homes became increasingly popular after World War II. As soldiers returned from the war, they started families, but the real estate market was limited. Modular homes were a fast, cost-effective solution, and many of these homes still stand today. You can feel confident that yours will do the same. 

Benefits of Modular Homes

If you’re wondering why you should get a modular home, one of the biggest reasons is your ability to customize every aspect of the house. From the floor plan to the carpeting and windows, you have a say in every detail that goes into creating your home. You can even design the floor plan or upgrade your current construction specifications as you learn more about the building process. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another benefit is time. On-site home construction leaves a building team at the mercy of the weather. Because we build modular homes in factories, our team controls the building process and timeline. As a result, you don’t have to worry about delays or setbacks. Work with your construction team to create a beautiful home that’s done on time.

Modular homes also allow you to choose the location. Our team is responsible for building your vision while you pick the land that makes your house a home. Our team can lend a hand, too. We review properties with you and explain what can be done based on state building codes and regulations. 

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You can experience the advantages of modular homes yourself by partnering with Design. Build. Modular. Watch as we work efficiently and meticulously to give you a home you love. We work fast, so you can have your modular home in as fast as seven days. All you have to do is sign a contract, and our team will work for you. 

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